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A magnetic coupling is a coupling that transfers torque from a shaft using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection.
Magnetic shaft couplings are most often used for liquid pumps and propeller systems, since a static, physical barrier can be placed between the two shafts to separate the fluid from the motor operating in air. Magnetic shaft couplings precludes the use of shaft seals, which could eventually wear out and fail from the sliding of the two surfaces against each another.

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Longer than 40 years went out since we began collaborating with various Italian companies specialized in the design and construction of machines and systems to produce and molding polyurethane components.

Many of these companies are now international leaders and are an excellence of the Italian technology and expertize

What is polyurethane ?

We learn from Wikipedia : “The term polyurethane (PU) indicates a large family of polymers in which the polymer chain is made up of -NH- (CO) -O-“

We also know the chemical reaction for the synthesis of polyurethanes was discovered in Germany between the world war 1 and the world war 2.


The full RANGE and the great variety of polyurethanes is obtained by reaction between a di-isocyanate (aromatic or aliphatic) and a polyol (typically a poly-propylene glycol or a polyester-diol). Some catalysts can be added to increase the speed of reaction plus some others that can confer specific characteristics to the manufactured article we mean to make. To obtain the final product these fluids must be pumped into a mixing head with pressures ranging from 10 to over 200 bar. Besides, as it is a potential polluting chemical product, the “di-isocyanate” component is also very sensitive to humidity (water) and it tends crystallizing very quickly if it comes into contact with humidity itself. Therefore the pumps used in these processes must ensure a perfect seal lasting over the time on the driving shaft connected to the electric motor. Even a small leakage can trigger an undesirable reaction that can quickly compromise the functionality of the entire dedicated production line of this fluid causing very expesnsive recovery costs. This was a trouble we often used to face on the line of pumps supplied by METAU to our customers (companies working in this field). Even using the best technology and quality of the mechanical seals for the pump shaft we always experienced a life time limit  risking suddens breaks. The trouble became bigger and even more serious as our customers developed theyr own business reaching markets all over the world. Hence the need to find out a solution to guarantee a perfect, safe and long-lasting seal on the drive shaft of our pumps. These studies led us to discover the power transmission technology between two shafts without any mechanical contact thanks to the use of a permanent magnetic coupling driving the joint. This could allow us to isolate the seal area on the pump shaft using a static seal and thus guaranteeing long life and safety as well as simplifying those applications requiring a very high pump suction pressures. Last but not least, it would have also guaranteed greater respect of the environment by limiting the risk of spreading the liquid to zero. Our R&D began studying this technology in 2005 and within a couple of years we were ready to design and building our first prototypes. Since the very  beginning our mission was  to obtaining a simple and reliable product using technological materials with a quality / price ratio capable of meeting our cstomer needs and definitively solving  a problem which had been troubling them and ourself for a long time. After these first steps of laboratory tests, good results on the installed prototypes we were ready to launch our product on the market and starting  a mass production. Of course the application in machines and plants for processing polyurethane was our first target on the market. However, thanks to the great job done by our marketing and sale department we soon started producing our magnetic coupling for new and interesting applications, even much different from the one which for our joint was made first. Today we have the knowledge, experience and tecnology  to manufacture joints working from less than 1 Nm up to over 3,000 Nm built with materials such as innovative technopolymers up to titanium alloys. Our reference market is increasingly the European one but in the last years we also encountered interest and applications from the Chinese market as well as from the American continent. For a medium company as we are, we feel very proud to be consulted by companies from almost all over the world who rely on us to solve and innovate their machineries. This is a great incentive to continue on the path we have taken continuing our mission of researching and developing innovative solutions.

Our mission..keeps on going….